These short lessons are designed to fill in the gaps in understanding of basic mathematical concepts that many very intelligent people missed.  The topics covered here were identified in a multi-year research study of students enrolled in college algebra and students being tutored for post-secondary high-stakes math tests.  The study found that straightforward explanations of these concepts along with concrete examples resulted in a greater than 90% pass rate.  Additionally, some students went on to be successful in majors that required several college-level math classes.

These lessons are designed to be done in order.  Even if you think you understand a topic, watch the video anyway because it may show you a new way to look at a topic that makes other things easier.  If you are studying for a high-stakes test, take practice tests as you watch these videos.

Negative Numbers Made EasyAn easy way to add and subtract negative numbers, and get the right answer. You won't have to memorize anything. You'll just know how to do it.